“…our address marks the location of our house, but place describes where we feel at home.” – Jeanne Vergeront


Help us build a Sense of Place!

The Children’s Museum Tucson is building a brand new exhibit, our first in 4 years! Sense of Place will spark interest in the natural sciences and encourage families to investigate the wonders of our community. It will begin to nurture a sense of pride for all that Tucson and Southern Arizona embodies – from beautiful desert and mountains to ancient life to modern technology.


Sense of Place will orient young explorers to the wonders of the Tucson Basin. Children will engage their mind and senses while they climb the steps of Sabino Canyon, manipulate the telescope at Kitt Peak, search for hidden insects at Colossal Cave and send birds and bats into flight. Basket making and petroglyphs will further highlight Tucson’s heritage and engage our early learners through interactive play and art.


Jump into the map and climb Sabino Canyon, discover Colossal Cave, take a selfie on Sentinel Peak or explore the universe at Kitt Peak! Build an appreciation for our surroundings, then watch the wonder as you explore the real thing and the Sense of Place that grows within your children – and you.


You can help us build a sense of place for children to learn and explore at Children’s Museum Tucson!



Kids can climb the rocks, play hide & seek, learn about the wildlife that inhabit one of Tucson’s treasured outdoor attractions. Natural colors and elements, including a simulated creek bed with hidden treasures, will give visitors a Sense of our varied environment.



What creatures lurk in the dark cave? Come explore the inside of the cave, where critters hide in the nooks and crannies of the rocks. See what kinds of rocks and minerals you can find near this beloved site. This stylistic cave gives visitors the Sense of the underground desert world.



Our whimsical take on Kitt Peak Observatory includes a sky view, technology and super fun ‘telescope’ that lets kids explore space from deep inside one of Kitt Peak’s iconic telescopes. Simulated technology gives visitors a Sense of Tucson’s place in the universe.



Nothing says Tucson like Sentinel Peak, with its oversized ‘A’ watching over Downtown Tucson. Sentinel Peak is a great place for photo op! With letters that represent what Tucson is all about, Sentinel Peak will give our guests will get a Sense of community.

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