Chemists Celebrate Earth Week

Chemists Celebrate Earth Week is a program of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The annual event brings focus to chemistry and environmental causes.

• Earth Day was first officially recognized on April 22, 1970 as a way to demonstrate support for a healthy environment, raise awareness about environmental issues, and remind people that we all need to contribute to a sustainable planet.

•  For years, chemists have been promoting a better world through recyclable plastics, cleaner-burning fuels, phosphate-free detergents, environmental monitoring, and green chemistry initiatives. The American Chemical Society joined the Earth Day celebration on April 22, 2003. There have been annual Chemists Celebrate Earth Week (CCEW) events ever since.

• Celebrate CCEW 2021 April 18–24 with the theme, “Reducing Our Footprint with Chemistry.

Check out all these fun activities, publications and videos from SAZACS! There’s something for everyone (including tips on how to make those stale chips edible again)!


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