Discovery Nights at Children’s Museum Tucson!

Join us for Free Discovery Nights at Children’s Museum Tucson!

Discovery Nights are part of CMT’s collaborative Aprendemos bilingual program. By partnering with organizations serving families in traditionally underserved populations, including foster care children, immigrant and refugee families, CMT reaches families who might not otherwise access the Museum. Discovery Nights provide flexibility for working families and offer inclusive hands-on exploration in arts and science activities.

Discovery Nights programming includes an interactive blend of science and arts. Discovery Nights include bilingual activities in an evening program providing flexibility for working caregivers to experience the Museum for free admission. Activities include bilingual Storytime, interactive pop-up science experiments like cloud in a bottle, ooblek, catapults or robot hands; and arts projects like nebula spin art, pumpkin playdough, or sound sandwich. CMT’s exhibits are fully accessible and provide the backdrop for creative exploration.  The extended evening hours offer additional flexibility, providing greater accessibility for working families.

 ¡Acompáñenos a nuestro Discovery Nights, una noche gratuita en Children’s Museum Tucson!

Discovery Nights es parte del programa bilingüe, Aprendemos, un programa colaborativo del museo. Gracias a la colaboración podemos servir a aun más familias como a emigrantes, refugiados, familias acogedoras al igual que a familias que talvez no tengan los recursos para visitar el museo.

Discovery Nights también ofrece este programa para las familias que trabajan y talvez no puedan visitar el museo en horas laborales. Durante las horas de Discovery Nights ofrecemos actividades inclusivas de arte y ciencia.

Discovery Nights es una mezcla de ciencia con arte e incluye actividades bilingües como Storytime bilingüe y experimentos interactivos de ciencia como plastilina de calabaza. Todas las exposiciones del museo están 100% disponibles durante estas horas.

Thank you to our Discovery Night sponsors.

Their generous partnership makes Discovery Nights free for everyone!
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