Optics is all about how we see things. The Wyant College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona has been focused on what we see – near and far – for decades. It goes big – with giant mirrors for the world’s biggest telescopes – and small. But it also as fun with light and vision. Check out the videos and activities below.

You can find more demo videos from the College of Optical Sciences on YouTube.

This activity lets you make a ghost image of a picture on your phone or tablet. It needs some extra materials you may not have at home, but the result is super cool!

Splitting Sunlight

Speed of Light in a Microwave

Reflection and Refraction

Einstein Optical Illusion

Einstein Optical Illusion

How does light source determine how we see things? Find out with this experiment using Einstein’s face. This demonstration also includes the optical illusion of the paper dragon. Get the information and a printable dragon below.

Hollow Face

Illusion Dragon